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The RBTA is dedicated to the organization and professionalization of trainers and training participants who find themselves utilizing realistic simulations as a means for optimizing future performance. Founded by the one of the co-founders of SIMUNITION, the company that revolutionized realistic gunfight simulations through the development of marking cartridges, the RBTA brings together leaders in the field of dynamic simulation training that has been popularized under the term of Reality Based Training.

Reality Based Training is defined as any type of simulation training that prepares an individual for future performance through experiential learning. Because of the often immersive nature of the training, the brain and body absorb and process the experience as if it were actually occurring. If done properly and effectively, it can program a participant for effective future behavior to nearly the same degree as if it had been an actual situation. One of the problems, however, is that Reality Based Training (RBT) is often carried out in a haphazard manner by trainers who are unknowledgeable about the psychological and physiological processes that are being manipulated in a training participant and there is a very real potential to create training scars that may lead to future failure.

Ensuring that training participants who are involved in any aspect of Reality Based Training are well trained in the optimization of those training experiences is the essence of that the RBTA is all about. Part of the organizational mission is to develop and proliferate policies, standards and codes of conducts through which trainers can ensure best practices are being adhered to in order that a safe training environment, both physically and psychologically, is being assured.

The RBTA aligns itself with top trainers from Police, Military, Emergency Services and the Civilian world and works to address the best training methodologies and technologies designed to maximize and optimize human performance. It draws on decades of experience in the training community and works to continuously advance the art and science of Reality Based Training.

Once fully implemented, the RBTA will have links to class dates and locations; an online store for books, gear and swag; online classes; discussion forums; a newsletter as well as a news section; the opportunity to collaborate with others in your institutional segment through working groups; research studies; training videos; a premium content section; and much more.

Please stay tuned and visit back often.

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