Dustin Salomon’s book Building Shooters is easily one of the more important books of our time when it comes to preparing police, military and armed civilians for armed lethal combat. Dustin breaks down in easily digestible sections how exactly human beings both learn and recall information and experiences that prove useful during dangerous encounters.

Too many trainers do not have any understanding of the learning methods of the human brain. They simply present information in the best way they know how, at the tempo and within the timeframe allotted. Looking at the latest studies in brain sciences, however, makes clear that the many of the teaching strategies that we have been using are absolutely inconsistent with the learning and recall systems of the human brain.

In his latest article, Dustin discusses how experiential learning and Reality Based Training models, as they are often currently employed, can cause as much harm as they can good. Recent meetings between Dustin Salomon and  RBTA founder Kenneth Murray fueled the beginnings of important discussions, and relationships that will serve to refine many of the teaching models for future programs developed and delivered by the RBTA.

The book Building Shooters is required reading for those serious about the science of armed conflict, and Dustin’s website www.buildingshooters.com provides a treasure trove of well-written articles on how we can begin to move the training world towards more effective teaching strategies for our armed professionals.

Read Dustin’s latest article by clicking on the link below.