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This is a public forum where all subscribers can discuss and post issues related to Reality Based Training. All posts are subject to moderation. It will remain an open forum until circumstances dicate heavier moderation.
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Scenario Help
This section is dedicated to a discussion of new and existing technologies useful in the RBT community
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Every single day across North America and abroad, incidents and accidents occur in the realm of Reality Based Training. Details of the majority of these incidents never see the light of day for fear of embarrassment or punishment. As a result, there is a grave misperception that such incidents are isolated occurrences. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have witnessed or know of an incident where there was either the potential for injury or injury actually occurred, please send in the details of this incident for posting in this forum. Please also send in what you believe to be the cause of the incident and how it could have been prevented. All posts to this forum will be moderated prior to posting to ensure all identifiying personal and agency information has been scrubbed so that no consequences will result from its publication. The goal of this forum is to demonstrate the alarming number of incidents where tragedy either occured or could have occurred. The information you provide might just sa
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Tara Marie Drummond was killed during her recruit training class in Kennesaw, Georgia on September 13, 2006. Her instructor was attempting to involve the students in an exercise that would ultimately begin to prepare the new officers for the realities of pointing a firearm at another human being. Unfortunately, due to ineffective safety protocols, live weapons and conventional ammunition were present in a classroom setting that prohibited both. The instructor reached into a box of cartridges that he thought to be filled with inert training cartridges and inadvertantly loaded a chambered a conventional round. When he demonstrated the drill against Tara, he shot her in the chest. She died shortly thereafter. This discussion forum will discuss and track the situation as it makes its way through the torturous legal system. Tara's family is seeking an overhaul of the system that led to this tragedy and the RBTA is providing information and support in an effort to assist in the development of training standards wit
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Former RCMP Cst. Mike Ferguson has been imprisoned in Canada for 4 years for rightfully defending himself with lethal force against an attempted disarming. For more information and to discuss this situation please check out these threads
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Every now and again, a news story comes out regarding the actions taken by an officer or officers, and there is a resultant running commentary by pundits, the media, the public and others. This forum seeks to analyze those discussions and address any training issues involved.
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This forum is dedicated to the work of Dr. Bill Lewinski and the Force Science Research Center. Dr. Lewinski and his team are at the forefront of studying the actual effects on human performance of environmental factors. Stay involved and informed on this critical information through this forum and Dr. Lewinski's FSRC Newsletter.
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This area is where information and discussion can be found on the growing use of Airsoft training products for military and law enforcement purposes. Check out this area for the latest information related to safety and training in the use of these products and devices.
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Armiger Police Training Institute Forums
This is the area where purchasers of the book Training at the Speed of Life - Volume One can download the interactive PDF forms mentioned in the book. These forms allow users to quickly complete scenario development paperwork based on the training methodologies taught in the book and in the 5 Day Instructor schools
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Interactive PDF Forms
This forum discusses the class content and is moderated by Ken Murray on a weekly basis to answer question that arise from former students or those who are interested in attending a class in the future
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2012 Class Schedule
RBTA Students from Washington State
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Just Joined Up
This is the area where Ken Murray will monitor comments and field questions on topics in his book series Training at the Speed of Life. As the section grows, it will eventually be divided into various sections.
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Testing capability
by Mully
Winning dangerous encounters isn't simply about winning the initial battle, although without that victory the other battles are moot. Much of the training that exists, and toward which the majority of the training resources are directed, focus on physical survival. There are, however, six other equally vital battles that must be won. In the 1940's Abraham Maslow, one of the founders of humanistic psychology, posited that human beings employ a hierarchy when it comes to fulfilling their needs. The precondition for fulfilling higher-order needs is that lower-order, more basic needs must be met first. The Seven Survivals parallels Maslow's Heirarchy in content, but when it comes to recovering from the effects of use of force encounters, many of these other battles need to be won before any physical battle. Some must be won following the physical encounter. In that regard, the Seven Survivals are more like a continuum than a heirarchy. To ignore these needs is akin to creating what Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
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