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Training at the Speed of Life Volume One is the first in a series of books dedicated to the development of safe and realistic training for police officers and military personnel, as well as any individual interested in the improvement in tactical abilities to handle dangerous encounters. This book begins with an in-depth analysis of the psychology of encounter. It continues with a discussion of the current deficiencies that exist within most people – civilians, police, and military alike – that inhibit optimal performance. The book then goes on to describe various types of training methods and models, including personal practice procedures through advanced scenario training. A great deal of material is presented on a step-by-step procedure for developing force-on-force scenario training. The latter part of the book describes the various technologies available as well as their application to Reality Based Training including weapons and ammunition suitable for training. It concludes with a haunting section on officers who have been killed in training over the past number of years and the reasons their training failed them.

This book is a must for anyone who might place themselves in harm’s way either through defense of themselves or the citizens of their community or nation. It it an extremely thorough treatment of a the fascinating subject of armed conflict and provides concrete training methods for preparing for high intensity conflicts. PLEASE NOTE: This book no longer comes with a CD with interactive forms. Instead, there is a link and password inside the book in order to provide readers with the most up to date forms online.

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