Ken Murray

Master Instructor and RBTA Founder

Kenneth Murray is the Director of Training for the Armiger Police Training Institute ( located in the greater Orlando area of Florida. Born in Winnipeg, Canada, he has spent his entire career as a police and military trainer, specializing in the field of Reality Based Training. His commitment to the realm of Reality Based Training (RBT) began after he co-founded SIMUNITION® with David Luxton as an offshoot of the Armiger Corporation in Ottawa, Canada. With RBT in its infancy and given the scarcity of information on the topic, he wrote numerous articles and policy papers on the safe conduct of projectile-based simulation training exercises…

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Along with his contributions to the advancement of training ammunition technologies, Mr. Murray continues to develop innovative training programs and devices designed to improve the effectiveness and safety in other areas of military and law enforcement training through the R&D department of the Armiger Police Training Institute. In addition to the training programs taught through the Armiger Police Training Institute, he is an adjunct instructor with the tactical training organization U.S. Police Instructor Teams (




Joe Collins

Master Instructor and Training Standards Coordinator

Joe Collins is the Chief of Police at Two Rivers PD in Wisconsin and a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He has been teaching with the RBTA for over 20 years and has been instrumental in evolving the instructor training programs. As a former SWAT officer and past president of the Wisconsin Association of SWAT Personnel… 

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Joe has had an opportunity to advance RBT training principles in the state of Wisconsin and nationally and has recently been chosen as the chairperson tasked with the complete overhaul of Reality Based Training at the Wisconsin certified law enforcement academies.


Rick Furr

Master Instructor

Rick Furr was the Rangemaster of the Scottsdale Police Department for over 20 years where they opened the first non toxic indoor range. He was one of the early Gunsite instructors with Col. Jeff Cooper and with Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch…

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He has been involved and presented at several IALEFI ATC’s. Rick maintains an active class load as a firearms instructor nationally and internationally and has been teaching Reality Based Training principles a staff instructor for the RBTA for 15 years.




Jeff Malcore

Master Instructor and FBI National Academy Coordinator

Jeff Malcore recently retired from over 20 years of law enforcement service in Neenah PD in Wisconsin to take the full time position of chairperson for criminal justice studies at Fox Valley Technical College… 

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Jeff was one of the early graduates of the RBTA Instructor Training Programs and went on with members of his agency at Neenah to teach RBT classes state wide at the behest of the state of Wisconsin. Jeff has been a staff instructor with the RBTA for 10 years.


Darby Darrow

Master Instructor and Advanced Online Training Coordinator

Darby Darrow is a retired SWAT officer having served 20 years with the San Diego Police Department. Darby was instrumental in bringing the early RBTA classes to San Diego in 1996 and was a major proponent of the training principles with his agency… 

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Darby was one of the early directors of the California Association of Tactical Officers. Since his retirement he has relocated to Washington state where he instructs various styles of martial arts at his own Dojo. He remains active in law enforcement training nationally and has been a staff instructor with the RBTA for 2 years.