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If you or your organization is doing any type of Reality Based Training (SIMUNITION, AirSoft, Laser Simulators, Inert Training Weapons) READ THIS TRAINING ANNOUNCEMENT. These are FIVE DAY schools, and cover all aspects of Reality Based Training. The topics covered in these programs vastly exceed subject matter covered in other RBT or SIMUNITION schools you might have attended.

Taught by Kenneth Murray, the original co-founder of SIMUNITION and author of the critically acclaimed book Training at the Speed of Life – the Definitive Textbook for Police and Military Reality Based Training, this class provides instructors with a highly advanced template for running any type of Reality Based Training independent of the technologies being used.

Participants in this class receive five days of both theory and hands on experiential learning in setting up safe and effective training programs involving the various types of Reality Based Training modalities. Those who have attended in the past have gone on to create training programs that have significantly reduced training costs while improving the quality AND quantity of training within their agencies.

This school certifies the attendees as instructors in the use of all brands of marking cartridges, protective equipment, inert training products, AirSoft, video simulation systems and more.

This program is open to trainers involved in all facets of law enforcement training, including FTOs, Firearms Instructors, DT Instructors, and any other instructors dealing with patrol or specialized training. There is no prerequisite to attendance although it is ideally suited to those who will be in a training position over others.

Seats are limited and commitments are required as soon as possible. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend some world-class training at an unprecedented price.

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PLEASE NOTE: Because payment by credit card for this school incurs a 3% credit card processing fee, the total cost for the class is $746.75. If you are paying by check, use the Coupon Code “checkpayment” to reduce the amount payable to $725.00. Any orders placed via credit card using this code will be canceled and the money refunded.

Unless arrangements are made in advance, payment for classes must be made prior to registration being confirmed.


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